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πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ A list of web development courses (free and paid)

React Trainings (paid)

Learnetto (free and paid)

CSS for JS developers (paid)

Interactive React (paid)

ShiftNudge - Design (paid)

Mastering Vim (paid)

The Missing Semester of Your CS Education (free)

Three.js Journey (paid)

Web Security Academy (paid)

Smiley In Motion (Framer Motion) (paid)

Code with Mosh (paid)

CodingHeroes (paid) (paid)

Bulletproof Next (free)

CoderByte (free and paid)

Execute Program (free and paid)

BrainStation Courses (paid)

Fireship Courses (free and paid)

Test Automation University (free and paid)

Webflow University (free)

RegexOne - Learn Regular Expressions with simple, interactive exercises (free)

JAMStack Training (free)

ReactSecurity (paid)

London App Brewbery (paid)

Zero to Mastery (paid)

Chris on Code (paid)

Senzo - HomeSchool (paid)

Packt - Courses Collections (free)

ExamPro - AWS Obsessed Certification Training (free and paid)

DesignAcademy - Design principles for developers (free and paid)

CleanCoders - Write code that sings (free and paid)

OctoCourses - Learn to build better web applications (free and paid)

Jad Joubran Courses - React & JS (free and paid)

A Cloud Guru - Level up your skills with the leader in cloud certification training (paid)

AlgoExpert - Coding interview training videos (paid)

CoderPro - Coding interview training videos (paid)

React Native School - Become an Expert React Native Developer One Lesson at a Time (paid)

React12 - Build Apps That Power The World (paid)

Springboard - Data/Design/Code (paid)

Mastering Next.js - Lee Robinson (paid)

Bret Fisher - Courses (paid)

Newline - TinyHouse (paid)

Practicum - Yandex (free and paid)

Infinite Red - Academy (free)

Hasura - Real world GraphQL tutorials for frontend developers with deadlines! (free)

Full Stack Open - University of Helsinki (free)

Ultimate Courses - JavaScript Basics (free)

Mastery with SQL (paid)

JavaScript Playground (paid)

BigMachine (paid)

Interactive Browser Based Labs, Courses & Playgrounds - KataCoda (free)

Learn State Machines - Jon Bellah (paid)

< ReactAcademy /> (paid)

Testing React with Enzyme and Jest - JavaScript Playground (paid)

Onboarding for Developers - Tyler Mcginnis (paid)

The Road to React Tutorials - Robin Wieruch (free & paid)

Up & Running Tutorials (free)

GitHub Learning Lab (free)

HackerNews recommended courses (free & paid)

Learn JavaScript Online (free)

Learn JavaScript Today (paid)

Watch and Code (free & paid)

Valentino Gagliardi (paid)

Vanilla JS Academy (paid)

Educative (free & paid)

Ultimate Courses (paid)

Upcase (free)

Frontend Armory (free & paid)

Design+Code - React for Designers `(50usd)

Learn to Code HTML & CSS - Shay Howe (free)

Coursera - Google Certificates (paid)

Coursera (free and paid)

Microsoft Learn (free)

DigitalOcean Tutorials (free)

X-Team Programming Resources (free)

EnvatoTuts+ (free)

The Odin Project (free)

freeCodeCamp (free)

SuperHi (paid)

LevelUpTutorials (free & paid)

Remy Sharp (free)

Codemy (free & paid)

Swizec (paid)

Learn Enough (free)

Rithm School (free)

Node University (free and paid)

MongoDB University (free) ($20 / month)

Turbo 360 (free)

Robin Wieruch (free)

Front End Center ($15 / month) (free and paid)

Free Frontend (free)

Big Nerd Ranch (free and paid)

Udemy (free and paid)

Pluralsight ($30 / month) ($40 / month)

Frontend Masters ($40 / month)

Dave Geddes (free && paid)

Wes Bos (~80$ / course)

Reach Training - Ryan Florence (20$ / month)

Tyler Mcginnis (15$ / month)

Jeremy Thomas (free)

Udacity (~$200 / nanodegree)

Platzi (~$20 / month)

EDX free courses

Acamica (80$ / month)

TreeHouse (200$ / month)

Scrimba (free)

LighthouseLabs (free)

DataCamp (free & paid)

GDQuest Courses (paid)


πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ A list of web dev courses




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