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πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ A list of web dev courses
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πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ A list of web development courses (free and paid)

Learn State Machines - Jon Bellah (paid)

< ReactAcademy /> (paid)

Testing React with Enzyme and Jest - JavaScript Playground (paid)

Onboarding for Developers - Tyler Mcginnis (paid)

The Road to React Tutorials - Robin Wieruch (free & paid)

Up & Running Tutorials (free)

GitHub Learning Lab (free)

HackerNews recommended courses (free & paid)

Learn JavaScript Online (free)

Learn JavaScript Today (paid)

Watch and Code (free & paid)

Valentino Gagliardi (paid)

Vanilla JS Academy (paid)

Educative (free & paid)

Ultimate Courses (paid)

Upcase (free)

Frontend Armory (free & paid)

Design+Code - React for Designers `(50usd)

Learn to Code HTML & CSS - Shay Howe (free)

Coursera (free and paid)

Microsoft Learn (free)

DigitalOcean Tutorials (free)

X-Team Programming Resources (free)

EnvatoTuts+ (free)

The Odin Project (free)

freeCodeCamp (free)

SuperHi (paid)

LevelUpTutorials (free & paid)

Remy Sharp (free)

Codemy (free & paid)

Swizec (paid)

Learn Enough (free)

Rithm School (free)

Node University (free and paid)

MongoDB University (free) ($20 / month)

Turbo 360 (free)

Robin Wieruch (free)

Front End Center ($15 / month) (free and paid)

Free Frontend (free)

The Frontier (free and paid)

Udemy (free and paid)

Pluralsight ($30 / month) ($40 / month)

Frontend Masters ($40 / month)

Dave Geddes (free && paid)

Wes Bos (~80$ / course)

Reach Training - Ryan Florence (20$ / month)

Tyler Mcginnis (15$ / month)

Jeremy Thomas (free)

Udacity (~$200 / nanodegree)

Platzi (~$20 / month)

EDX free courses

Acamica (80$ / month)

TreeHouse (200$ / month)

Scrimba (free)

LighthouseLabs (free)

DataCamp (free & paid)

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