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JavaScript - Fundamentals

This is an overview of the JavaScript language to help new developers get up and running.

Content is splitted into small modules with suggestion time to complete the activy. Could be studied by day as individual, group and/or dojo.

Table of contents

Content index

Module 1 (1h)

Exercise 1

Module 2 (1h)

Exercise 2

Module 3 (1h)

Exercise 3

Module 4 (2h)

Exercise 4

Module 5 (1h)

Exercise 5

Module 6 (1h)

Exercise 6

Module 7 (1h)

Exercise 7

DOJO (2h)

DOJO - JS Fundamentals

[ 🔝 ]

Implementing solutions for exercises

We strongly recommend checking if your solutions are correct using the TDD paradigm.

For this, follow bellow instructions.

Setup environment

1. Make sure you have NodeJS >= 6 installed.
2. Clone this repo
3. cd JavaScript-fundamentals
4. npm install

Implementing your solutions

Your solutions must be implemented on lib/module${n}.js.

So for exercises of module1, you must edit lib/module1.js.

In this file you'll see comments indicating where to implement your solution. You'll just export a function returning your answer.

Checking if your solution is correct

To test a specific solution of yours you can do:

npm run `test${n}`

For instance, if you want to see how's your solution for module4, you should do:

npm run test4
  • If the test fails it'll show on the console what's the spectation of solution, so you can fix it and the test runner will automatically check the solution again.
  • If the current testing exercise succeded, it'll check the solution of the next exercise of the module.
  • If you want to stop the test runner, just press ctrl+c.

To test ALL solutions from all modules:

npm test

[ 🔝 ]


If you want to check tests coverage:

npm run cover

[ 🔝 ]


To check if your code is attending to standards:

npm run lint

[ 🔝 ]