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Panel Tabs

Panel Tabs Extension for Chrome

Code Climate

Panels is a cool and relatively new Chrome experiment that allows opening tabs in docked or floating windows outside of Chrome itself.

This extension makes using those panels as simple as possible. You can open any web page as a panel! Panels are great for e.g. watching Netflix while doing other stuff.

A screen shot of the extension’s popup, Netflix and Google Keep open in panels.


Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

When done, click the Panel Tabs icon next to the address bar to set it up. Follow the instructions and you’re good to go!

You can also leave a review if you find Panel Tabs useful!


Do you have a good grasp on a language that is not yet included?

Translations are welcome! Please check out the i18n documentation and create a pull request when you’re done.

Feature requests

I want this extension to do one thing, but do it well. I’ll consider new features if they...

  1. are within the scope of the original idea: opening tabs as panels.
  2. solve a real problem that most users might encounter.
  3. won’t be distracting.


See the wiki page on permissions that explains what permissions are used and the reason behind each permission.

Please note that you can also browse through the code to see exactly what’s being done with the data.

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