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[ToDo] List #2

lnjX opened this issue Mar 4, 2016 · 4 comments


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commented Mar 4, 2016

  • 001. Ability to name sheep (after tamed)
  • 002. Flint (and flint and steel)
  • 003. Bones and bonemeal (bones should be dropped very rarely by zombies or oerrkis) See: #4
  • 004. Rail corridors or mines
  • 005. Inventory tweaks
  • 006. Fence gates and optimize normal fences (collision box)
  • 007. Very expensive and fast tool (maybe a nyan cat multi tool)
  • 008. Ruins
  • 009. Make digging more realistic, player first needs a tool before he can dig trees
  • 010. Ores should be more rarely (and maybe deeper)
  • 011. Some different stone types like marble, granite, deepstone, soapstone (in German "Speckstein") ...
  • 012. Papyrus Blocks (stair, slab) (needs textures see Texture TODO-List - 001)
  • 013. Difficult settings (for growing speed, damage of mobs, hunger)
  • 014. Achievements / Awards (maybe you should get Xp-Points to unlock new things)
  • 015. Tree API
  • 016. Rewrite of Farming API (with timers)
  • 017.1 Compost bin and
  • 017.2 garden soil (on that plants should grow faster)
  • 018. Skins
  • 019. Furniture (chair with sitting func., some decos., ...)
  • 020. Very very rarely huge trees
  • 021. Trash can, maybe
  • 022. Fix Pear
  • 023. Flower pot (decoration) See:
  • 024. Change the max. stack size [Idea by lightonflux]
  • 025. shears
  • 026. Strawberries
  • 027. Cabbage
  • 028. Tomatoes
  • 029. Pies (Maybe basing on this mod:
  • 030. Cauldron for cooking soups (Maybe basing on this:
  • 031. Simple enchanting (Sword/Axe/Pickaxe/Shovel Level 1, 2, 3)
  • 032. Cutting board and knife for making salads
  • 033. Wool / cloth sounds
  • 034. Lettuce (for making salads)
  • 035. Zombies can kill sheep
  • 036. Playereffects and Pep (maybe), then vessels would make sense
  • 037. Mushroom node boxes and maybe a "RIESENPILZ"
  • 038. Frozen Zombies (in snow biomes)
  • 039. Salt ore, block
  • 040. Better eating (eat something only after one/two seconds), don't eat if you're full
  • 041. Nyan Cat Rainbow Tools
  • 042. Add seasons with different leaves textures
  • 043. Add function to register subnode registration (for using with register = {["slab"] = true, ["stair"] = true})
  • 044. poplar trees or any other high tree
  • 045. (Japanese) Paper Walls (using Pane API)
  • 046. Chisel API (to register many different variants of a node, craftable with chisel)
  • 047. Music (,
  • 048. black ghosts in caves, blue ghosts in snow biomes
  • 050. Zombie Jerky (from rotten flesh + 2 salt)
  • 051. Wasteland/Dead biome
  • 052. Food: override minetest.item_eat for mod compatibility
  • 053. Move legacy/aliases into separate mod
  • 054. Make maple wood brighter than normal
  • 055. [DOC] clean up: tree growing funcs, add missing apis/funcs/vars
  • 056. Bandages to heal, need longer to regenerate by full hunger bar
  • 057. purple blooming lavender grassland biome
  • 058. birches with a thin trunk (and connected drawtype )
  • 059. Lava/Water Spots in Obsidian Glass
  • 060. some different grass types (eg. switch grass)
  • 061. Helmet Lamp (armor), should light up the area around you
  • 062. some more flowers (Daisies, clovers)
  • 063. Let also lava buckets light up the area around you when wield

Italic-bold text means that it is in process and bold text means that this is more important or should be done quickly.

Also see the Texture TODO-List: #5

Everything I have in mind I'll write here. If you want, you can suggest own ideas!
Please write what you think about these ideas (write which idea)! 😸

Everything that is off-topic will be removed!

@lnjX lnjX changed the title To-Do List TODO-List Mar 9, 2016
@lnjX lnjX assigned JBBgameich and lnjX and unassigned JBBgameich and lnjX Mar 9, 2016
@lnjX lnjX changed the title TODO-List [ToDo] List Aug 1, 2016

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commented Sep 13, 2016

Regarding 047 I advise to check out for high quality music. One could probably find appropriate tracks for all biomes.


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Owner Author

commented Sep 14, 2016

@yusf Thank you. I'm sure we will use some of them.


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commented Sep 15, 2016

  • 064. Hoppers 👍

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Owner Author

commented Sep 15, 2016

@yusf If you want (and you've know/have a good stable mod) feel free to make a PR (everything should be moved into default of course).

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