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How to use QString::number static public member function to return a specified format and precision.

(c) Roland Ihasz -

QString QString::number(double n, char format = 'g', int precision = 6) returns a string equivalent of the number n, formatted according to the specified format and precision.

Let’s see the following simple example. There are 3 double values x, y, z. We want to return the result of the following equation:
(x / z) * (5.961 / y)
We also want to allow the user to set the precision of the result.

Note = there are many ways to solve this issue, much simpler, but this time I want to demonstrate how we do in Qt.

How to return a string equivalent of the number n using Qt was written by Roland Ihasz, you can modify or distribute. You can do anything you want with this software, just don't say you wrote it.

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