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Build Status

Code for our Vex Pro robot, and this repo is used to create new robots.

Getting Started

Clone the repository:

git clone && cd VexBot

Now, whether you want to work on python, or java, either run cd Python or cd Java.

Now, to see instructions for that language, view the in that subfolder.


First, follow Getting Started, then:

We will push straight to master. But, before you do, make sure the code runs.

You can test these with:

python3 Python/src/ test or replace test with sim to simulate

Or, for downtrodden Windows users:

py Python/src/ deploy

cd Java && ant deploy

If these run fine, then run:

git add $FILES where $FILES are the files you want to commit. (most likely Python/ or Java/ and

git commit -m"MESSAGE HERE" replacing MESSAGE HERE with whatever message you want to use.

git push


Written by the L&N STEMpunks. More specifically, the programming team.

We use gradle Travis, Git, Java, and primarily VSCODE and eclipse to develop this.

We also have a python version, which is meant to be equivelant to the java version, but more Pythonic.

Ben Klein wrote most of the base, which was then refactored by Cade Brown.

New Robot

To create a new robot, create a repo and run:

git clone $ROBOT && cd $ROBOT
sed -i -e "s/VexBot/$ROBOT/g"
git remote set-url origin $URL
git push

Then, you may need to replace some other things as well.


See for an explanation, or our full licensing page.

Essentially, this repo is GPLv3 with some BSD and Apache components.

2017 L&N STEMpunks