MacOS umbrella framework (build environment, not binary itself) including all necessary libraries for libgphoto2
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This is an Apple Umbrella Framework (Library) embedding all necessary open source libraries:

This framework itself is released under the Lesser GPL 3.0.


Binary version of the framework are occasionally built and uploaded to


Build Requirements

  • wget
  • Nasm 2.07 or later (install using homebrew) required for libjpeg-turbo.

After cloning the repository, installing XCode, installing wget and nasm, you can directly start the build process by running You need to have write access to /Library/Frameworks/GPhoto2.framework in order to be able to build the framework.

$ ./
Build Process of the GPhoto2.framework

+ Checking permissions on /Library/Frameworks/GPhoto2.framework
+ Download and extracting files
+ Start building at Fri Dec 23 19:05:16 MSK 2016 with 16 threads
  - Building libtool-2.4.6
  - Building pkg-config-0.29.1
  - Building libusb-1.0.21
  - Building libusb-compat-0.1-0.1.6-rc2
  - Building libjpeg-turbo-1.5.1
  - Building libgphoto2-libgphoto2-2_5_11-release
+ Finished building at Fri Dec 23 19:08:58 MSK 2016
+ Cleaning up framework directory
+ Linking headers
+ Building Apple Framework infrastructure

It is also possible to build the SVN version of libgphoto2, please set


in the config file, which automatically fetches or updates the local svn working copy.

Example Usage

A working example is provided in the example directory. You need to have the GPhoto2.framework to be installed in order to build the example with XCode:


If you want to build your own application, you need to the the -flat_namespace linker option in XCode: