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Chef::Knife plugin to dig out non-matching output from a command across hosts
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fixed for 0.10.4 / ruby 1.9.2

* this quit working when we did some updates related to 0.10.4. I'm not sure
  where the problem was, but I changed the way I was capturing STDOUT and
  it now works again.  I'm unclear on which is the "most correct" way to
  grab STDOUT in ruby, since several things seem to work in various
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canon.rb fixed for 0.10.4 / ruby 1.9.2


Compare the output from a group of hosts to a canonical good expected return.


Check the expected output of a command across N hosts and compare to what you think it should be.

What it does

knife canon -C "good stuff" QUERY COMMAND


knife canon -C "rsync-3.0.6-1.el5.rf" "rpm -q rsync" failed to match expected output: rsync-3.0.5 failed to match expected output: rsync-3.0.4

Surpresses output from hosts that match. Useful when plotting convergence paths.

This is a mess, yo

I'm getting better at the ruby.

I'll work on getting the output red for non-matching hosts.

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