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changing pieces of data without rolling through the entire build process: putting data into databags for use without triggering a whole new build
a "config" top level, with necessary bits in it for a specific release.
finding the overrides in the databags for the attributes
how much do you need to have changable per-release, which of those things are explicitly related to only a release?
in recipes/cookbooks, provides different flexibility, can do better logic on the data points
"deploy.json" file in the repo, one version in the repo, contains only the values correct for the current release
"if you have a deploy_config.json in your repo, roll through it and import into node attributes". this is pretty free-form, but should be predictable so it is repeatable for multiple projects.
prepping a project for CI/CD
* sanitizing properties files, making your environments / infrastructure sane for multi-phase automation (,,, etc etc etc)
* setting up the application healthchecks to autoremove from loadbalancers if possible
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