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A minor release that adds some UX improvements and fixes some of the issues in the v0.22.0 release.


  • The consolidated user-supplied options (the final combination of config file options, exported script options, environment variables and command-line flags) are now exported back into the options script variable and can be accessed from the script. Thanks to @mohanprasaths for working on this! (#681 and #713)
  • Improved error messages when outputting results to or executing tests in the Load Impact cloud (#716)

Bugs fixed!

  • Logging: using the --no-color flag caused k6 to print output intended for sdtout to stderr instead. (#712)
  • Logging: some error messages originating from Go's standard library did not obey the --logformat option. (#712)
  • JSON output: when the standard output was used, the JSON collector closed it before k6 was finished printing the end-of-test summary to it (#715)
  • Metrics: some zero-filled metrics were emitted when scaling down the number of VUs (#710)