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@na-- na-- released this Dec 18, 2018 · 121 commits to master since this release

A minor release that fixes some of the issues in the v0.23.0 release.

Bugs fixed!

  • Cloud: Fixed the interaction between the environment variable and JSON-based configuration, and the Load Impact specific env.loadimpact JS options. Now only the projectID, name and token fields will be populated (without overriding other fields) when executing scripts with k6 cloud, and taken into account when sending metrics to Load Impact Insights with k6 run -o cloud. (#848, #871, #872)
  • JS: Fixed a Babel transformation issue that caused closing brackets to sometimes be commented out. (#853)
  • JS: Fixed environment variable propagation when executing script bundles. (#853)
  • HAR converter: Fixed a panic due to a missing nil check. (#861)
  • Cloud: Limit the amount of samples that k6 sends in a single package to the ingest by splitting them up. (#860)
  • Metrics: Fix the incorrect tracing of some corner case HTTP requests that resulted in negative or hugely positive metric values. (#862)
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