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Contributing Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the LoadImpact documentation. This document is intended to be a guide to creating proper and clear documentation.

Document structure

All documentation should follow similar structure to remain clear and familar to all readers.

  1. Front Matter: The front matter consists of various meta data to be used by Jekyll to generate a page.
  2. Horizontal Rule: Sections should be separated with horizontal rule. Notably, a horizontal rule should be positioned after the Front Matter by using 3 asterisks ***. A blank line must exist before and after the horizontal rule.
  3. Background/Purpose: Every article should start with a background or purpose section which explains the article content. This section should be contained in HTML H2 header tags. <h2>Background</h2>.
  4. Table of contents: A table of contents should be included for articles that contain 4 or more sections
  5. Sections: Organize content into relevant sections using h2 markdown headers ##. For subsections, increase the header level by 1.
  6. See Also: All documents should contain a final section See Also. This section should contain all major links used in the article.

Refer to the following document template for an example (to be added later)


Issues should be used to suggest new documentation, provide feedback on existing documentation, or give us feedback about the documentation in general.

If you have a question related to the LoadImpact tool, you should instead engage with the support team by utilizing the live chat within the documentation at, or by email

Pull Requests

We encourage contributions from the community to improve, enhance, or fix the documentation.

For small changes, such as typos or formatting, please utilize the "Suggest an edit" at the bottom of the specific document. You will be able to make your change and submit an edit directly in GitHub.

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