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Fork of 4chan X 2.x (MayhemYDG) made to keep it working.

To enable hyperlinks and other stuff checkout "Other scripts for additional features"


Browsers usually need an addon to run userscripts, like:

Once one of those or similar is installed, click on the following link: 4chan_x.user.js

Other scripts for additional features:

Installation on dwb:
  1. Install dwb with your package manager
  2. Install the dwb userscripts extension with dwbem -N -i userscripts in your terminal.
  3. Make a directory for dwb userscripts with mkdir .config/dwb/greasemonkey
  4. Change directory to your newly created userscripts folder with cd .config/dwb/greasemonkey
  5. Download 4chanX with wget
  6. Start dwb


  • 2.40.76: Add option to always use images from Cloudflare's CDN (, updated archives
  • 2.40.75: Fix filename filter, updated archives
  • 2.40.74: Add option to exclude webms from expand all, updated archives
  • 2.40.73: Updated archives
  • 2.40.72: ???
  • 2.40.71: Bugfix
  • 2.40.70: Disable legacy captcha on index page, because 4chan disabled thread creation with text captcha, updated archives
  • 2.40.69: Bugfix
  • 2.40.68: Add support and filtering of since4pass users, updated archives
  • 2.40.65/67: Updated archives
  • 2.40.64: Some bugfixes, updated archives
  • 2.40.63: Updated archives
  • 2.40.62: Updated report window, legacy captcha with some enhancements
  • 2.40.61: Change thumbnail url to prevent google reverse image search error, updated archives
  • 2.40.59/60: Updated archives
  • 2.40.58: Added SJIS tag hotkey (best viewed with Monafont), updated archives
  • 2.40.56/57: Updated archives, RIP
  • 2.40.55: Webm bugfixes
  • 2.40.54: Updated archives
  • 2.40.53: Add 'Alternative captcha' setting to use the text captcha (enabled by default)
  • 2.40.52: Missed a closing tag
  • 2.40.51: Various bugfixes, updated archives
  • 2.40.50: Add option to run autoexpand automatically for long posts, updated some configuration defaults and archives
  • 2.40.49: Fix sauce on boards cointaining a digit
  • 2.40.48: Added thread in page position to threads stats (not enabled by default), updated archives
  • 2.40.47: Fix after board list change
  • 2.40.46: Added Replace PNG/JPG, updated archives
  • 2.40.45: Compatibility fix to events for other extensions (based on ccd0 fork)
  • 2.40.44: Small fix
  • 2.40.43: Adapted for recaptcha2 api, also added and enabled by default automatic posting after user has been verified, updated archives
  • 2.40.42: Added page index position to thread stats, fix original post form hiding
  • 2.40.41: Added unique poster count, updated archives
  • 2.40.40: Correct Post in Title beahviour, updated archives
  • 2.40.39: Made download link in the dropdown menu work on firefox too (from ccd0 fork), added a shortcut for the Quick Reply next to the navigation arrows
  • 2.40.38: Updated filtering code, now various filters should work again
  • 2.40.37: Corrected small bug, updated archives
  • 2.40.36: Security fixes (Many thanks to ccd0, which discovered those bugs some time ago)
  • 2.40.35: Security fixes (Many thanks to ccd0, which discovered those bugs some time ago), fixed small issue, updated archives
  • 2.40.34: Update archives ( ->
  • 2.40.33: Fix 404 and updated archives
  • 2.40.32: Compatibility with Greasemonkey 2
  • 2.40.31: Fix a possible autoupdate problem and updated all the archives
  • 2.40.30: Removed the feature that duplicated captcha words since it conflicts with single-word captchas
  • 2.40.29: Fix captcha loading in Opera presto (12.17)
  • 2.40.28: Fix some security issues and reveal the filename when reveal spoilers is enabled
  • 2.40.27: Change cooldowns on /vg/
  • 2.40.26: Fix moot changing titles for all the quote stuff (Thanks to WhatIsThisImNotGoodWithComputers, from MayhemYDG's 3.x)
  • 2.40.25: Fix Reveal Spoilers feature
  • 2.40.24: Fix Catalog Links feature
  • 2.40.23: Fix report awakening the inline extension, remove deprecated fix
  • 2.40.22: Disable dropdown board selector in the catalog
  • 2.40.21: Fix new posts having wrong filename
  • 2.40.20: Added feature that allows to completely remove slugs (disabled by default, check Remove Slug in the settings to enable)
  • 2.40.19: Fix new posts with quotes appearing as cross-thread
  • 2.40.18: Change everything according to
  • 2.40.17: Apply fit to screen rules to webm too
  • 2.40.16: By popular demand added (You) indication (Thanks to WhatIsThisImNotGoodWithComputers) and fixed a webm bug on chrome
  • 2.40.15: Add webm support to image hover
  • 2.40.13/14: Remove the video from memory when closed
  • 2.40.12: Implemented support for inline webm video expansion and uploading
  • 2.40.10/11: The final captcha fix (Thanks to WhatIsThisImNotGoodWithComputers)
  • 2.40.9: Temporary fix to get the captcha working at least once (doesn't refresh, captcha caching dead and removed)
  • 2.40.8: Fix QR captcha load again again, fuck it
  • 2.40.7: Fix #4 (/jp/ cooldown and image limit) and switched boards that used to
  • 2.40.6: Remove exclude rule for catalog, add /biz/
  • 2.40.5: Add exclude rule for catalog
  • 2.40.4: Fix QR load again, this time because of mimetype stuff (from a diff of MayhemYDG's 3.x)
  • 2.40.3: Replace the thread updater with a normal one that doesn't increment the delay for inactive threads (from ahodesuka fork)
  • 2.40.2: Fixed to support new captcha loading function in the Quick Response
  • 2.40.1: Fixed code tags
  • 2.40.0: Fixed a change in the html that caused errors with the file info and updated to support 4cdn
  • 2.39.7: Latest 2.x version from MayhemYDG