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Web dashboard for Loads
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Web dashboard for Loads, v2.

  • Monitors active loadtests
  • View historic loadtest runs
  • Define load profiles (container sets)
  • Control load test runs


Before you install loads-web, you'll need to have Node.js installed, as well as Grunt and Bower modules installed globally:

$ npm install bower grunt-cli --global


Setting the app up:

$ npm install

Compile Stylus to CSS:

$ grunt stylus

Starting the server:

$ npm start


The dashboard is hosted by a Hapi server that proxies API requests to a separate broker instance. This allows the front-end to be developed independently of the broker, and provides a mechanism for serving mock data if the broker does not implement a particular call.

You can use awsbox to deploy the Hapi server to AWS:

# Create the instance.
> AWS_REGION=us-west-2 AWS_ID={id} AWS_SECRET={secret} \ awsbox create -n loads-web

# Deploy committed changes.
> git push loads-web HEAD:master
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