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Lint files of a gradle based Android project.


Via global gems

$ gem install danger-android_lint

Via Bundler

Add the following line to your Gemfile and then run bundle install:

gem 'danger-android_lint'


Before all, you need to turn lint reports on in your build.gradle file. You can do this by adding the xmlReport true option, like:

android {
    lintOptions {
        xmlReport true




Using a custom gradle task

In case you have multiple flavors, you may want to change the gradle task that runs the lint command. You can achieve that by simply changing the value of gradle_task. Default is lint.

android_lint.gradle_task = "lintMyFlavorDebug"

If you want to skip gradle task, setting the skip_gradle_task parameter to true.

android_lint.skip_gradle_task = true

Changing report's file path

If you're using a path to output your report file other than the default one, you can specify it by setting a new value to report_file:

android_lint.report_file = "your/report/file.xml"

Changing report's severity level

If you want to filter lint issues based on their severity level, you can do that by setting a value to severity. Bear in mind that you are filtering issues by the severity level you've set and up. Possible values are Warning, Error and Fatal. Default is Warning (which is everything).

android_lint.severity = "Error"

Lint only added/modified files

If you're dealing with a legacy project, with tons of warnings, you may want to lint only new/modified files. You can easily achieve that, setting the filtering parameter to true.

android_lint.filtering = true

Make Danger comment directly on the line instead of printing a Markdown table (GitHub only)

android_lint.lint(inline_mode: true)


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run bundle install to setup dependencies.
  3. Run bundle exec rake spec to run the tests.
  4. Use bundle exec guard to automatically have tests run as you make changes.
  5. Make your changes.