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Python Ember application builder
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Python EmberBuild

A skeleton application framework using Ember.js, minispade and EmberBuild.

Inspiration from, the purpose of building this was to eliminate a heavy set of dependancies and remove boiler-plate loader files like controllers.js, view.js etc.

EmberBuild will simply keep a list of all controllers, models and views and include them directly in the 'main' module.


$ /path/to/project

You can also use this as a library in your own project just include (see ember_build for usage)

Commandline flags

usage: [-h] [-t dev] [-v] project

positional arguments:
    project             Path to Ember project you want to compile

optional arguments:
    -h, --help          show this help message and exit
    -t dev, --type dev  Change Ember build type (live or dev)
    -v                  Change output verbosity (0-2) defaults to 0

In your browser visit index.html after you've ran the build process.

App Structure

where (m) is not specified all files will be kept as is. (m) indicates that the file is modularized during building.

├── app - App specific code
│   ├── .compiled - Build out directory
│   │   └──app.js - Built out app JS
│   │   └──minispade.js - JS module loader
│   ├── controller - 3rd party libraries. (m)
│   ├── libs - 3rd party libraries. (m)
│   ├── models - Ember models. (m)
│   ├── templates - Handlebars templates, (m)
│   ├── views - Ember views. (m)
├── core.js - Boostrap for your Ember app. (m)
├── index.html - Boostrap for your Ember app. (m)
└── router.js - Ember routes. (m)


Date Log
26 Oct 2012 Added command line builder
Added timing and logging functionalities to help debugging
Updated minispade and template-loader to be inline with rake-pipeline
Removed template/ path from template loader. Now directly injected to Ember.TEMPLATES[]
require() renamed to minispade.require()


  • Add minification when build_type is not dev
  • Re-build when any file has changed (inotify)