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We are more than happy to accept external contributions to the project in the form of feedback, bug reports and even better - pull requests :) At this time we are primarily focusing on improving the user-experience and stability of Yeoman for our first release. Please keep this in mind if submitting feature requests, which we're happy to consider for future versions.

Issue submission

In order for us to help you please check that you've completed the following steps:

  • Made sure you're on the latest version npm update -g yeoman
  • Looked through the list of known bugs to ensure the issue hasn't been noted or solved already
  • Used the search feature to ensure that the bug hasn't been reported before
  • Included as much information about the bug as possible, including any output you've received, what OS and version you're on, etc.
  • Shared the output from echo $PATH $NODE_PATH and brew doctor as this can also help track down the issue.


Yeoman has three primary repos:

Quick Start

  • Clone this repo and cd into it
  • Run this command: ./setup/
  • cd into the /cli directory and run sudo npm link after the install is complete.
  • Navigate to a new directory and run yeoman init to make sure everything is working as expected.

You can keep Yeoman up to date by using git pull --rebase upstream master && cd cli && npm link, where upstream is a remote pointing to this repo.

Style Guide

This project uses single-quotes, two space indentation, multiple var statements and whitespace around arguments. Please ensure any pull requests follow this closely. If you notice existing code which doesn't follow these practices, feel free to shout and we will address this.

Pull Request Guidelines

  • Please check to make sure that there aren't existing pull requests attempting to address the issue mentioned. We also recommend checking for issues related to the issue on the tracker, as a team member may be working on the issue in a branch or fork.
  • Lint the code by running grunt in the /cli folder before submitting a pull request
  • Develop in a topic branch, not master


Yeoman has a test suite to ensure it's reliably and accurately working as a developer tool. You can find the main test suite in test/test-build.js, most of the assertions are checks against yeoman cli stdout.

To run our test suite:

npm test

Do note that if any CLI prompts are not accounted for the test suite will have a timeout failure.

Developer Docs

We have significant developer docs for you if you'd like to hack on Yeoman.

Currently you can find much of the details on mklabs' yeoman wiki but also our primary project.

You're also welcome to git blame back to commit messages and pull requests. As a project we value comprehensive discussion for our fellow developers.