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# vim: set ft=conf:
# This file details the human readable formats of MIPS bytecodes.
# These format records are used by mipsgen to generate formatted
# printing statements to translate opcodes into human readable disassembly
# for output.
# The formats come from "MIPS32 Architecture For Programmers
# Volume II: The MIPS32 Instruction Set".
# See MIPS_Vol2.pdf p34
# See scripts/mipsgen.rb
# See disasm/c/mipsdis.c
# See tables/field_format.txt
# The first column contains the mnemonic.
# The second column contains opcode arguments, delimited by a comma.
# The opcode arguments must match entries in tables/field_format.txt
j target
jal target
beq rs,rt,broff
bne rs,rt,broff
blez rs,broff
bgtz rs,broff
addi rt,rs,simm
addiu rt,rs,simm
slti rt,rs,simm
sltiu rt,rs,simm
andi rt,rs,imm
ori rt,rs,imm
xori rt,rs,imm
lui rt,imm
beql rs,rt,broff
bnel rs,rt,broff
blezl rs,broff
bgtzl rs,broff
lb rt,offset(base)
lh rt,offset(base)
lwl rt,offset(base)
lw rt,offset(base)
lbu rt,offset(base)
lhu rt,offset(base)
lwr rt,offset(base)
sb rt,offset(base)
sh rt,offset(base)
swl rt,offset(base)
sw rt,offset(base)
swr rt,offset(base)
cache cacheop,offset(base)
ll rt,offset(base)
pref prefhint,offset(base)
sc rt,offset(base)
sll rd,rt,sa
srl rd,rt,sa
sra rd,rt,sa
sllv rd,rt,rs
srlv rd,rt,rs
srav rd,rt,rs
jr rs
jalr rd,rs
movz rd,rs,rt
movn rd,rs,rt
syscall syscode
break bc1,bc2
sync stype
mfhi rd
mthi rs
mflo rd
mtlo rs
mult rs,rt
multu rs,rt
div rs,rt
divu rs,rt
add rd,rs,rt
addu rd,rs,rt
sub rd,rs,rt
subu rd,rs,rt
and rd,rs,rt
or rd,rs,rt
xor rd,rs,rt
nor rd,rs,rt
slt rd,rs,rt
sltu rd,rs,rt
tge rs,rt,trapcode
tgeu rs,rt,trapcode
tlt rs,rt,trapcode
tltu rs,rt,trapcode
teq rs,rt,trapcode
tne rs,rt,trapcode
madd rs,rt
maddu rs,rt
mul rd,rs,rt
msub rs,rt
msubu rs,rt
clz rd,rs
clo rd,rs
sdbbp syscode
bltz rs,broff
bgez rs,broff
bltzl rs,broff
bgezl rs,broff
tgei rs,simm
tgeiu rs,simm
tlti rs,simm
tltiu rs,simm
teqi rs,simm
tnei rs,simm
bltzal rs,broff
bgezal rs,broff
bltzall rs,broff
bgezall rs,broff
mfc0 rt,rd,sel
mtc0 rt,rd,sel
wait waitcode