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# vim: set ft=conf:
# This file details the specific format and extra decoding metadata required to
# output an opcode field as human readable text.
# This data is used by mipsgen to build both the format string for a printf
# statement, as well as gather the arguments for it.
# The formats come from "MIPS32 Architecture For Programmers
# Volume II: The MIPS32 Instruction Set".
# See MIPS_Vol2.pdf p34
# See tables/asm_format.txt
# See scripts/mipsgen.rb
# See disasm/c/mipsdis.c
# The first column contains the field name, used by the code generator to
# extract data from an opcode.
# The second column contains the printf format.
# The third column denotes whether the PC is required when extracting data from an opcode, this is used for jump and branch type instructions.
target 0x%x true
rs $%d false
rt $%d false
broff 0x%x true
simm %d false
imm 0x%x false
offset %d false
base $%d false
cacheop 0x%x false
prefhint 0x%x false
rd $%d false
sa 0x%x false
# unused in rel1
# jumphint 0x%x false
bc1 0x%x false
bc2 0x%x false
syscode 0x%x false
stype 0x%x false
trapcode 0x%x false
sel %d false
waitcode 0x%x false