@loafofpiecrust loafofpiecrust released this Jan 2, 2019

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This is the first forward-compatible release of Turntable. There are still issues and desired functionality, but the data model is stable enough to be future proof. Testing the sync feature with another user is encouraged in this release, as it will have the most kinks to be worked out. File an issue in this repo if you find anything not working correctly or lacking.

Major Changes

  • Switch data format over from Kryo to JSON. This change is breaking and invalidates all previous user data. JSON is more stable and consistent and the format will never breakingly change again. All user data from here on will be compatible with all future versions of Turntable.
  • Artists display in a list view rather than grid
  • When a song can't be streamed, it is now skipped
  • FLAC files are now supported!

Bug fixes

  • Remove small gap around grid views
  • Fix crashes using MusicBrainz repository
  • Album covers load more consistently
  • Fix crashes and inconsistent behavior when playing a large song list (e.g. shuffling your full library)

@loafofpiecrust loafofpiecrust released this Nov 13, 2018

Assets 3

Initial testing release.
Please report any issues you find 😸