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Welcome to the Clang-tutorial wiki!

Useful Links


  1. LLVM Doxygen
  2. Clang Doxygen
  3. Clang Internals
  4. LLVM CommandLine
  5. LLVM Programmers Manual
  6. Clang tooling options

Tips and Tricks

  1. Debugging Clang: Clang's driver spawns a new copy of itself. So start debugging the main process, then in a new terminal call gdb --wait clang. Note also that even if you're debugging clang++, it calls back into clang so its still gdb --wait clang. (Note: I've had issues on OS X 10.7.2 getting this technique to work -- see the alternative below)
  2. Alternative Clang Debugging Technique
  3. Figuring out Clang's library link order


  1. Original Tutorial