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Public Documentation of Lobaro API's and Hardware (wiki)
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This is the markdown source for the Lobaro online documentation. It is generated using mkdocs.

The generated documentation is available at

Local Setup

Install Python:

Install Python dependencies (in this directory):

pip install -r requirements.txt

Run mkDocs

mkdocs serve


For a feature description and general markdown information consult:

Extentions attr_list

Scaled images

![Alternative Text](url/to/img.png){: style="height:40px;width:143px"}`

URL open in new window

[URL Text](http://url.example/index.html){: target="_blank"}

For e.g. copyright information use: Footnotes


For legacy online documentation see repo wiki.


This documentation uses MermaidJS to render flow charts etc. Charts are directly defined within the markdown source code and will be rendered in the client using JavaScript. The integration of mermaid into mkdocs is realised using the pymdown-extensions. Charts are defined in source code listings (with triple backticks ```) with the custom language mermaid defined. This solution is taken from a comment to an issue on github:

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