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Launcher3 with Pixel Launcher features
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Rootless Pixel Launcher

I only made the launcher work on Pixel devices.

It's basically stock Pixel Launcher with custom icon pack support and some other nice features. Works on any device running at least Lollipop.

The only thing that doesn't work is "At a Glance". It'll only display the day of the week/month. No weather or any additional features will be shown, as they are handled by the Google App, using package focused Intents that point to the stock Pixel Launcher package name. You can hide it or replace it with use any custom widget.

Custom features:

  • Custom Icon Packs support
  • Solid UI
  • Wrap legacy icon to an adaptive one
  • Make the background of the "legacy-adaptive icon" colored
  • Hide or show "At a Glance" widget
  • Hide or show the StatusBar scrim
  • Hide apps

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