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Telnet server

Telnet server is implemented as ESP32 task and runs in background (when started).

When user is connected, REPL is paused and resumes after the user disconnets.

User can be disconnected from REPL by pressing Ctrl_T

Method Notes
network.telnet.start([user="micro", password="python", timeout=300]) Start Telnet server.
All arguments are optional, if not set the dafaults are used.
network.telnet.pause() Pause Telnet server
network.telnet.resume() Resume Telnet server
network.telnet.stop() Stop Telnet server.
The ESP32 task is terminated, all memory is freed.
network.telnet.status() Get the current Telnet server status.
The status is returned as 3-item tuple of status numeric value, string description and listen IP(s) tuple
(status, status_str, (listen_IPs))
network.telnet.stack() Get the maximum amount of stack used by the Telnet task.
The stack size is set at compile time and can be changed in mpthreadport.h

You can use Telnet client on Linux or Putty (on Windows & Linux) to access MicroPython.

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