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MultiBoot menu and tools for Odroid C1, C2, XU3/XU4


Boot menu for selecting from available OS's
Backup tool for backup operating system(s) from multiboot card or original Odroid card
Universal installer which can install android, linux, OpenELEC or any combinations (multiboot) from USB drive.

Multiboot features

  • boot menu for selecting operating system or Multiboot tools
  • automaticaly detects installed operating systems on all inserted cards (EMMC and/or SD card)
  • mimimal changes to original OS images, only fstab is adjusted for multiboot
  • on Odroid C2 both EMMC and SDcard can be inserted and the OS can be booted from EMMC or SDcard
  • on Odroid XU3/XU4 any os on EMMC or SDCard can be booted, regardles of boot switch position

Installer features

  • interactive installer
  • user can set desired partition sizes and installation destination (SD or EMMC)
  • it is possible install to SD Card and to EMMC
  • uses standard Android (XU4) or daily___.tar.gz (C2), Linux image files and OpenElec upgrade tar files as sources
  • backup created with Backup tool can be used as source
  • installation sources must be placed on the first USB drive partition
  • installation source partition can be formated as ext4, fat32, ntfs or btrfs
  • supports multi boot installation (Android, Linux, OpenELEC)
  • tested with latest Android, Linux and OpenELEC versions for XU3/XU4 & C2

Backup features

  • backup multiboot SDCard or EMMC (all installed operating systems) to USB drive
  • backup original Odroid SDCard or EMMC (Android or Linux) to USB drive
  • backup on USB drive can be used as source for Installer

Installer usage

  • use prepared multiboot installer images, in, unzip to some empty directory
  • run sudo dd if=multiboot_install_[c2|xu4].img of=/dev/sdX bs=1MB oflag=direct
  • or
  • build the installer sdcard/image running sudo ./prepare_selfinst <destination_card>|<destination_image_name> c2|xu4
  • if the image file is created, you can write the image to SDCard using dd command.
    • copy your installation sources (Android update image, Linux .img, OpenELEC .tar file) to the first partition of your USB drive
    • rename the Linux installation image to linux.img !
    • rename the OpenELEC installation tar to oelec.tar !
    • rename the Android installation archive to update.tar.gz or !
    • on Odroid UX4/XU3 set the boot switch to boot from SDCard
    • connect you USB drive to Odroid, insert SDCard and power on
    • select Install from menu
    • follow the instructions to select desired partition sizes and installation destination (SDCard or EMMC)


  • select desired Android resolution in, Hardkernel utility does not work
  • add #DESCRIPTION my_os_description line to boot.ini.[android|linux|oelec] files to describe your OS in boot menu


Boot menu and tools for Odroid C1, C2 & XU3/XU4






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