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This repository contains packages to use for Lobsang.

The Lobsang Network brings search to the decentralised web.


CircleCI for continous integration codecov for coverage report summary Maintainability Greenkeeper for keeping dependencies up-to-date JavaScript Style Guide lerna to manage a monorepo Known Vulnerabilities are searched for by SNYK

Explore packages for details.

Naming conventions

This monorepository follows some conventions regarding the naming of packages:

  • lobsang-publisher- are dealing with publishing to a channel.
  • lobsang-subscriber- are dealing with reading from a channel. They need a topic.
  • lobsang-connect- are combining publisher and subscriber (to be discussed).
  • lobsang-formatter- are dealing with wrapping strings (or pre-formatted input) into a target format.
  • lobsang-processor- are extracting information from input.


If you want to write content somewhere, you need a publisher for it. For now, there exists only one for, but more are planned (e.g. Redis, IPFS, WebTorrents etc).


If you want to listen to some messages, you need a subscriber for that medium. Not only that, you will need to tell the subscriber, in which topics you are interested in, so that it can filter the relevant messages for you.

You can have more than one subscriber running.


This is under discussion. Sometimes, you want to have both, read and write on a medium. A lobsang-connect package will combine publisher and subscriber to achieve that.


Often, the medium expects your message to be formatted in a certain way. That's why you need a formatter for it. Normally, the publisher will depend on it under the hood and takes care of the formatting for you.

lobsang processor

If you have received a message in a topic you are interested in, you most likely want to process that message somehow. It would be kind if you could use a publisher to feed back the processed information into the network.


Apache License. See LICENSE.txt.

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