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Dockerized ElasticMQ for ECS

This is a quick dockerization of ElasticMQ so I could run it in ECS as a service. I've used alpine OpenJDK8 JRE.


$ git clone
$ cd elasticmq-docker
$ docker build .
$ docker run -p9324:9324 <image_id>


The repository contains a task_definition.json. As you can see, I've used 256MB and 128vCPU for this task. I've also used us-east-1, and called the task as elasticmq. Everything else is default ECS including log driver and IAM roles, etc.

Please use this JSON as a reference as you create a task definition with this container.

Finally, you'd create a service using this task, and create 1 instance. You'd create a new listener on the ALB (preferably port 9324) with path as /. Please edit the health check for the target group to check for a 404 and not 200 otherwise you'd end up getting unhealthy hosts and infinite drain and initial cycles. This is very important.