Dockerfiles for base centos, ags, portal, and postgres containers
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Dockerfiles for base centos, ags, portal, and postgres containers. Draws heavily from the work of Mansour and many others in the Docker community.



The AGS, Portal, and PostGRES images are built off of a base CENTOS image, with a few extra dependencies. On Windows or OSX machines, these images will run on top of a virtual machine running linux.

Virtual Machine

  • On Windows or OSX, your containers will run inside a virtual machine. To set this up the first time, run
  • Run docker-machine start arcgis
  • Run docker-machine env arcgis --shell bash (or cmd, or powershell)
  • Run the output of the above command, i.e.,
export DOCKER_HOST="tcp://"
export DOCKER_CERT_PATH="C:\Users\<username>\.docker\machine\machines\arcgis"
export DOCKER_MACHINE_NAME="arcgis"

Base Image

Run base/

AGS Image

  • Copy your AGS installer (i.e. ArcGIS_for_Server_Linux_1041_151978.tar.gz) to a local directory that you can use as the root of a webserver
  • Spin up a webserver pointed at the above directory Copy your provisioning file to ags/ (i.e. EDN_AGSADVENT_Portal_20161010.prvc)
  • Edit the ags/ script to point to your provisioning file and local webserver
  • Run ags/
  • Run ags/
  • In your browser, navigate to the AGS manager on the VM ip address, i.e.

Portal Image

  • Copy your Portal installer and provisioning file to portal/ (i.e. Portal_for_ArcGIS_Linux_1041_151999.tar.gz and EDN_AGSADVENT_Portal_20161010.prvc)
  • Change the registration email in ags/Dockerfile to the appropriate email
  • Important: There is a bug in the automatic installer, where it only reads a single entry from the provisioning file. Open your .prvc file, and ensure that the first entry is for portal, i.e. Portal for ArcGIS=ECP123456789
  • Run portal/
  • Run portal/
  • In your browser, navigate to the Portal admin on the VM ip address, i.e.
  • Important: It takes the Portal instance some time (~30 seconds) before it will begin accepting connections, even once the container is spun up.