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" general options
"syntax off
set compatible
"set modeline
set encoding=utf-8
set fenc=utf-8
set tenc=utf-8
" map f1 to tab folding
map OP :%s/ / /g
" map f2 to tab scrunching
map OQ :%s/ / /g
" map f3 to super tab scrunching
map OR :%s/ / /g
" map f4 to fmt
map OS :,/^$/!fmt -w74
" map f5 to fmt for e-mail
map [15~ :,/^$/!fmt -w68
" map f6 to forward search text under cursor
"automatically break lines from the left-hand margin
set textwidth=68
"do left-right scrolling instead of line-wrapping
"set leftright
"remember substitution flags
set edcompatible
"case insensitive regular expressions
set smartcase
"use a global tags file
"set tags=tags,~/tags
" ui options
"report all changes and yanks
set report=0
"display row/column ruler on the colon command line
set ruler
"display current mode and modification flag
"set showmode
"tab interpretation
set tabstop=8
"don't display long messages
set shortmess=aoOtTI
" programming options
"expand tabs into spaces
set expandtab
"automatically indent new lines
set autoindent
"lips mode adds '-' to the set of characters in a word
set lisp
"autoindent and shift command indentation width
set shiftwidth=2
"note matching parentheses
set showmatch
" text substitution
"map! accesories accessories
"map! accomodate accommodate
"map! acheive achieve
"map! acheiving achieving
"map! acn can
"map! acommodate accommodate
"map! acomodate accommodate
"map! adn and
"map! agian again
"map! ahppen happen
"map! ahve have
"map! allready already
"map! almsot almost
"map! alot a lot
"map! alreayd already
"map! alwasy always
"map! amke make
"map! anbd and
"map! andthe and the
"map! appeares appears
"map! applyed applied
"map! arguement argument
"map! artical article
"map! audeince audience
"map! audiance audience
"map! awya away
"map! bakc back
"map! balence balance
"map! baout about
"map! bcak back
"map! beacuse because
"map! becasue because
"map! becomeing becoming
"map! becuase because
"map! becuse because
"map! befoer before
"map! begining beginning
"map! beleive believe
"map! boxs boxes
"map! bve be
"map! changeing changing
"map! charachter character
"map! charecter character
"map! charector character
"map! cheif chief
"map! circut circuit
"map! claer clear
"map! claerly clearly
"map! cna can
"map! colection collection
"map! comany company
"map! comapny company
"map! comittee committee
"map! commitee committee
"map! committe committee
"map! committy committee
"map! compair compare
"map! compleated completed
"map! completly completely
"map! comunicate communicate
"map! comunity community
"map! conected connected
"map! cotten cotton
"map! coudl could
"map! cpoy copy
"map! cxan can
"map! danceing dancing
"map! definately definitely
"map! develope develop
"map! developement development
"map! differant different
"map! differnt different
"map! diffrent different
"map! disatisfied dissatisfied
"map! discoverd discovered
"map! doese does
"map! doign doing
"map! dollers dollars
"map! donig doing
"map! driveing driving
"map! drnik drink
"map! ehr her
"map! embarass embarrass
"map! equippment equipment
"map! esle else
"map! excitment excitement
"map! eyt yet
"map! familar familiar
"map! feild field
map! fileds fields
"map! fianlly finally
"map! fidn find
map! firts first
"map! follwo follow
"map! follwoing following
"map! foriegn foreign
"map! foudn found
"map! foward forward
"map! freind friend
"map! frmo from
"map! fwe few
"map! gerat great
"map! geting getting
"map! giveing giving
"map! goign going
"map! gonig going
"map! govenment government
"map! gruop group
"map! grwo grow
"map! haev have
"map! happend happened
"map! haveing having
"map! hda had
"map! helpfull helpful
"map! herat heart
"map! hge he
"map! hismelf himself
"map! hsa has
"map! hsi his
map! hte the
map! htere there
map! htey they
map! hting thing
map! htink think
map! htis this
"map! hvae have
"map! hvaing having
"map! idae idea
"map! idaes ideas
"map! ihs his
"map! immediatly immediately
"map! indecate indicate
"map! insted instead
"map! inthe in the
"map! iwll will
"map! iwth with
"map! jsut just
"map! knwo know
"map! knwos knows
"map! konw know
"map! konws knows
"map! levle level
"map! libary library
"map! librarry library
"map! librery library
"map! liek like
"map! liekd liked
"map! liev live
"map! likly likely
"map! littel little
"map! liuke like
"map! liveing living
"map! loev love
"map! lonly lonely
"map! makeing making
"map! mkae make
"map! mkaes makes
"map! mkaing making
"map! moeny money
"map! mroe more
"map! mysefl myself
"map! myu my
"map! neccessary necessary
"map! necesary necessary
"map! nkow know
"map! nwe new
"map! nwo now
"map! ocasion occasion
"map! occassion occasion
"map! occurence occurrence
"map! occurrance occurrence
"map! ocur occur
"map! oging going
"map! ohter other
"map! omre more
"map! onyl only
"map! opperation operation
"map! orginized organized
""map! ot to
"map! otehr other
"map! otu out
"map! owrk work
"map! peopel people
"map! perhasp perhaps
"map! perhpas perhaps
"map! pleasent pleasant
"map! poeple people
"map! porblem problem
"map! probelm problem
"map! puting putting
"map! pwoer power
"map! quater quarter
"map! questoin question
"map! reccomend recommend
"map! reccommend recommend
"map! receieve receive
map! recieve receive
"map! recieved received
"map! recomend recommend
"map! reconize recognize
"map! recrod record
"map! religous religious
"map! rwite write
"map! rythm rhythm
"map! seh she
"map! selectoin selection
"map! sentance sentence
"map! seperate separate
"map! shineing shining
"map! shiped shipped
"map! shoudl should
"map! similiar similar
"map! sincerly sincerely
"map! smae same
"map! smoe some
"map! soem some
"map! sohw show
"map! soudn sound
"map! soudns sounds
"map! statment statement
"map! stnad stand
"map! stopry story
"map! stoyr story
"map! stpo stop
"map! strentgh strength
"map! stroy story
"map! struggel struggle
"map! strugle struggle
"map! sucess success
"map! swiming swimming
"map! tahn than
"map! taht that
"map! talekd talked
"map! tath that
map! teh the
"map! tehy they
"map! tghe the
"map! thansk thanks
"map! themselfs themselves
"map! theri their
"map! thgat that
"map! thge the
map! thier their
"map! thme them
"map! thna than
"map! thne then
"map! thnig thing
"map! thnigs things
"map! thsi this
"map! thsoe those
"map! thta that
"map! tihs this
"map! timne time
"map! tje the
"map! tjhe the
"map! tkae take
"map! tkaes takes
"map! tkaing taking
"map! tlaking talking
"map! todya today
"map! tongiht tonight
"map! tonihgt tonight
"map! towrad toward
"map! truely truly
"map! tyhat that
"map! tyhe the
"map! useing using
"map! veyr very
"map! vrey very
"map! waht what
"map! watn want
"map! wehn when
"map! whcih which
"map! whic which
map! WHen When
"map! whihc which
"map! whta what
"map! wief wife
"map! wierd weird
"map! wihch which
"map! wiht with
"map! windoes windows
"map! withe with
"map! wiull will
"map! wnat want
"map! wnated wanted
"map! wnats wants
"map! woh who
"map! wohle whole
"map! wokr work
"map! woudl would
"map! wriet write
"map! wrod word
"map! wroking working
"map! wtih with
"map! wya way
"map! yera year
"map! yeras years
"map! ytou you
"map! yuo you
"map! yuor your
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