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New version of the Local Infoscreen.

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New version of the Local Infoscreen.

  • simplified infoscreen code (no preloading,..)
  • loading content configuration from a google spreadsheet: the key can/must be provided as a parameter, thanks to Philipp Keller for this cool idea (see below for more instructions)

Content configuration

The infoscreen content is defined using a google spreadsheet. create a your own sheet, make sure to setup the first row with the following structure:

  • column 1: Cell A1 must contain the identifier "Name", displayed as title of the page
  • column 2: Cell B1 must contain the identifier "ContentURL", url to the slide's content
  • column 3: Cell C1 must contain the identifier "DisplayTime", time in seconds until the next slide is loaded

Define new slides by adding rows and fill these 3 attributes. Then call the procedure File/Publish to the web... to make it readable from javascript.

How to load your spreadsheet example

The key you need to load your config should be part of the spreadsheet's url or visible when you call the open the dialog: File/Publish to the web...


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