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Local Toronto PHP Groups

GH org for our local Toronto PHP groups

Welcome to our GitHub Org for our Local Toronto PHP Groups

My name is Bob Bloom. I am the lead organizer of:

In lieu of doing websites for each of our three groups, I am doing this GitHub organization as a website proxy.

I am a bit amazed that after searching for a quick way to do websites, I could not find a solution.

Hugo, and other static site generators, were promising, but judging by my reticence gettting into the weeds of it, I demurred.

I have been creating repos to do notes for specific meet-ups. It is handy to be able to edit something regardless of where I am or what device I am using. And, of course, our attendees are very used to GitHub. And, why not do PR's for contributions?

I have a YouTube playlist for our Groups, mainly uploading updates from time to time (latest one on October 25, 2023. I will be uploading a video about our January 2024 meet-up.).

My email is "".


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