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An example repository showing how to use Localazy with vue-i18 for translation management and localization.

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Vue Starter in German

This is an example repository showing how to use Localazy with vue-18n for localization management. To learn more, check out the blog post describing the set up in detail.


Testing out this repo

This repository contains translations from an actual Localazy Vue i18n example app. You can try to run localazy download to see how it works. However, this app is in read-only mode, meaning that localazy upload will fail.

First install dependencies

npm install

and then run the application

npm run serve

Adjusting for your own project

  • sign up for Localazy,
  • create an app. Although English is recommended, you may use any language as source
  • select Vue.js integration option and install Localazy CLI,
  • Retrieve your writeKey and readKey from the integration guide page and change them in localazy.keys.json,
  • it is recommended to add localazy.keys.json do .gitignore
  • remove every locale file except for your source locale (presumably en.json)
  • fill in your source phrases,
  • run localazy upload,
  • when you have accepted strings in other languages, run localazy download and check locales folder for the new translations,
  • run the app npm run serve