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Python 3 3

The Local Code site, running on Django

Updated Jun 11, 2015

Python 1 0


GH files for localcode book

Updated Jun 5, 2015


Updated Jun 1, 2015

Python 6 5


A set of scripts for Rhino and Grasshopper for batch processing and importing GIS data.

Updated Oct 27, 2013

Python 3 0


A GeoDjango app for generating and managing 3d site data from input gis files.

Updated Oct 16, 2012

Python 4 0


PostSites is a set of python modules for managing PostGIS data sets, and retrieving information based on a 'per-site' basis.

Updated Jul 10, 2012

Python 30 4


A place to dump and share python scripts for use in McNeel's Rhino and Grasshopper

Updated May 12, 2012

Python 0 1


forked from bengolder/py-adobe

python scripts for the adobe creative suite

Updated Jan 7, 2012

Python 3 0


Code repository for the local code project

Updated Dec 7, 2011

Python 2 0


Triforce is a really dumb, really tiny set of python modules for triangulating geometry.

Updated Jun 2, 2011

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