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LocalGov Drupal

Home of the development of LocalGov Drupal, a Drupal distribution / installation profile designed to help UK councils collaborate and share Drupal code.

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The publishing platform created by councils, for councils. LocalGov Drupal is a publicly owned asset that delivers a better digital experience for citizens, improves service outcomes, and saves money.

The LocalGov Drupal website contains more information about the project, and how your council can get involved!

Get involved

Right now, developers, UX designers, product managers, and content designers are collaborating to build something that is more than the sum of its parts. You can get involved by:

We welcome contribution from people of all backgrounds, in accordance with the LocalGov Drupal Code of Conduct. If you would like to encourage your local council to get involved with this project, please direct decision-makers towards this page.


  1. localgov Public

    Installation profile for the LocalGov Drupal distribution.

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  2. A repository for the LocalGov Drupal Microsites project.

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