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// v0.1

== Moshi Moshi ==

Moshi Moshi is a VoIP Bot written in Python that uses SIP as VoIP Protocol, Text-to-speech engines for Output, and DTMF Tones for Input.

It is part of a talk ("Sounds Like Botnet") given at DEF CON 19 and BSidesLV 2011 on VoIP Botnets by Itzik Kotler and Iftach (Ian) Amit.

Download your copy at: http://code.google.com/p/moshimoshi/

== Dependencies ==


- Python 2.7+ (download from http://www.python.org)
- SIP SIMPLE Client (download from http://sipsimpleclient.com/)


- catdoc (download from http://freshmeat.net/projects/catdoc/)
- Text-to-speech engine such as (but not limited to) http://sourceforge.net/projects/espeak/ , Mac OS X 'say' and etc.

== Install ==

Use 'sip-settings' to set your SIP settings and save it as 'config' in the same directory as 'moshimoshi.py'

Run ./moshimoshi.py with SIP conference call details (e.g. '300@')

By default 'moshimoshi.py' assumes default SIP port, use ':' to change it (e.g. '300@')

== Example ==

bash-3.2# ./moshimoshi.py 300@
using set_wakeup_fd
Placing call to 300@, press Enter to quit the program
Session started!
The microphone is now unmuted
Got DMTF 1 
Got DMTF 2 
Got DMTF 3 
<Pressed Enter>
Session ended
Main loop terminated.

== Questions ==

Feel free to contact me at itzik [dot] kotler (at) security-art [dot] com or @itzikkotler on Twitter