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An experimental mobile web browser

Note: Cartographer is a very early work in progress, so approach with caution.

Cartographer is an experimental web browser, technology demo and user interface/experience playground.
It's focus will be on supporting distributed, decentralised and peer to peer technologies such as Ethereum, IPFS and Hypercore.

It's mostly being built because: building things is fun.

Illustrative screen capture of Cartographer running on iOS, browsing between webs sites, tabs and the settings screen, which displays an Ethereum wallet balance

Video - Duration: 54 seconds (YouTube)


If you're looking for more mature, feature rich web browsers that support distributed and decentralised web technologies, please see our P2P Web Browsers document.


Interested in testing Cartographer on iOS but not comfortable with compiling from source and/or don't have the tools?

Then leave a comment on this issue and we'll get you added to TestFlight.

Interested in running on Android? See this issue.



For instructions on building Cartographer, please see

Testing and Linting

TODO - Build out snapshot tests for components

  • yarn lint
  • yarn test



We're polite and inclusive, and it'd be great if you are also.
Non-violent Communication is key.



Currently, the browser is very very (very?) rudimentary, but will support the following features:


  • Navigation
  • Tabs
  • Native sharing
  • Home screen
  • Private browsing
  • Default browser (iOS 14)
  • Search from address bar
  • History


  • http
  • https
  • web3 Pre-alpha
  • ipfs
  • hyper
  • dat


  • Persistence
  • Search engines
  • Clear history
  • Clear website data
  • Ad blocker


  • App Icon Temporary
  • Dark/light mode
  • Pull to refresh
  • Landscape mode
  • Animations


  • Android
  • iOS
  • iPadOS


  • Branding
  • Unit Tests Partial
  • CI
  • Decentralised source control (e.g. Radicle)
  • Project roadmap 🙃



GNU Affero General Public License.