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* compile.c: allow naming of the user payload introduced into both Y…

…Y_ACTION and YY_INPUT functions.
1 parent 945404c commit cfae705bd2d6c0675d0bb8d1cec7b35d7f7b82d4 _why committed Aug 11, 2009
Showing with 15 additions and 8 deletions.
  1. +15 −8 compile.c
@@ -393,12 +393,18 @@ static char *preamble= "\
#ifndef YYSTYPE\n\
#define YYSTYPE int\n\
+#ifndef YY_XTYPE\n\
+#define YY_XTYPE void *\n\
+#ifndef YY_XVAR\n\
+#define YY_XVAR yydata\n\
#ifndef YY_PART\n\
#define yydata G->data\n\
#define yy G->ss\n\
-typedef void (*yyaction)(struct _GREG *G, char *yytext, int yyleng);\n\
+typedef void (*yyaction)(struct _GREG *G, char *yytext, int yyleng, YY_XTYPE YY_XVAR);\n\
typedef struct _yythunk { int begin, end; yyaction action; struct _yythunk *next; } yythunk;\n\
typedef struct _GREG {\n\
@@ -417,12 +423,13 @@ typedef struct _GREG {\n\
YYSTYPE *val;\n\
YYSTYPE *vals;\n\
int valslen;\n\
- void *data;\n\
+ YY_XTYPE data;\n\
} GREG;\n\
YY_LOCAL(int) yyrefill(GREG *G)\n\
int yyn;\n\
+ YY_XTYPE YY_XVAR = (YY_XTYPE)G->data;\n\
while (G->buflen - G->pos < 512)\n\
G->buflen *= 2;\n\
@@ -525,7 +532,7 @@ YY_LOCAL(void) yyDone(GREG *G)\n\
yythunk *thunk= &G->thunks[pos];\n\
int yyleng= thunk->end ? yyText(G, thunk->begin, thunk->end) : thunk->begin;\n\
yyprintf((stderr, \"DO [%d] %p %s\\n\", pos, thunk->action, G->text));\n\
- thunk->action(G, G->text, yyleng);\n\
+ thunk->action(G, G->text, yyleng, G->data);\n\
G->thunkpos= 0;\n\
@@ -556,9 +563,9 @@ YY_LOCAL(int) yyAccept(GREG *G, int tp0)\n\
return 1;\n\
-YY_LOCAL(void) yyPush(GREG *G, char *text, int count) { G->val += count; }\n\
-YY_LOCAL(void) yyPop(GREG *G, char *text, int count) { G->val -= count; }\n\
-YY_LOCAL(void) yySet(GREG *G, char *text, int count) { G->val[count]= G->ss; }\n\
+YY_LOCAL(void) yyPush(GREG *G, char *text, int count, YY_XTYPE YY_XVAR) { G->val += count; }\n\
+YY_LOCAL(void) yyPop(GREG *G, char *text, int count, YY_XTYPE YY_XVAR) { G->val -= count; }\n\
+YY_LOCAL(void) yySet(GREG *G, char *text, int count, YY_XTYPE YY_XVAR) { G->val[count]= G->ss; }\n\
#endif /* YY_PART */\n\
@@ -614,7 +621,7 @@ YY_PARSE(int) YY_NAME(parse)(GREG *G)\n\
return YY_NAME(parse_from)(G, yy_%s);\n\
-YY_PARSE(GREG *) YY_NAME(parse_new)(void *data)\n\
+YY_PARSE(GREG *) YY_NAME(parse_new)(YY_XTYPE data)\n\
GREG *G = (GREG *)YY_CALLOC(1, sizeof(GREG), G->data);\n\
G->data = data;\n\
@@ -711,7 +718,7 @@ void Rule_compile_c(Node *node)
fprintf(output, "\n");
for (n= actions; n; n= n->action.list)
- fprintf(output, "YY_ACTION(void) yy%s(GREG *G, char *yytext, int yyleng)\n{\n", n->;
+ fprintf(output, "YY_ACTION(void) yy%s(GREG *G, char *yytext, int yyleng, YY_XTYPE YY_XVAR)\n{\n", n->;
fprintf(output, " yyprintf((stderr, \"do yy%s\\n\"));\n", n->;
fprintf(output, " %s;\n", n->action.text);

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