forked from lesliev/yelpster

A Ruby interface to the Yelp Developer API for searching local business information.

Updated Jun 26, 2015

Ruby 0 9


forked from Michael1969/spree_pxpay_paymentmethod

DPS Payment Express PXPay payment method for Spree

Updated Jan 29, 2015


forked from rails/activeresource

Connects business objects and REST web services

Updated May 14, 2014


forked from dubadub/best_in_place

A RESTful unobtrusive jQuery Inplace-Editor and a helper as a Rails Gem

Updated Apr 1, 2014


forked from fizx/sunspot

Solr-powered search for Ruby objects - forked for solr4 branch which is an updated Sunspot for Solr4

Updated Feb 23, 2013

Ruby 1 1


Updated Apr 2, 2012

Ruby 1 0


Updated Oct 14, 2011


forked from eadz/instagram-ruby-gem

The official gem for the Instagram API

Updated Oct 10, 2011


forked from AssetSync/asset_sync

Synchronises Assets between Rails and S3

Updated Oct 4, 2011


forked from feedjira/feedjira

A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it dominates and eats all.

Updated Oct 3, 2011


forked from Fudge/gltail

Real-time visualization of server traffic, events and statistics with Ruby, SSH and OpenGL

Updated Sep 27, 2011


forked from bokmann/sentient_user

A trivial bit of common code

Updated Jul 18, 2011

Ruby 1 5


forked from bradleypriest/ruby-mollom

a Ruby class for easy interfacing with the open API for spam detection and content quality assesment.

Updated Jul 12, 2011


forked from bradleypriest/pxpay

A Ruby wrapper around the Payment Express(DPS) PxPay system API

Updated Apr 20, 2011


forked from backupify/resque-restriction

resque-restriction is an extension to resque queue system that restricts the execution number of certain jobs in a period time.

Updated Apr 4, 2011


forked from steveh/geokit

Fork of Geokit gem, to bring it up to date with latest versions of Ruby and Google Maps

Updated Feb 14, 2011

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