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We manage the blog via pull-requests on github. Here is the worflow:

  1. If this is your first time contributing, Slack or email Sam Swift your github username so he can add you as a contributor
  2. Create a branch named after your post (e.g., attribution-dilemma). Branch names should be human readable and should ideally match the post title or a shortened version of the post title. All development of the post will occur within this branch
  3. Create a file in content/post/ with the same name as your branch (e.g.
  4. Add the following content to the top of the file. Replace the content in [brackets]:
author: [first and last name (e.g., Scott Breitenother)]
title: "[<6 word title (e.g., The Attribution Dilemma)]"
publishDate: "[date as defined in the publishing schedule (e.g., 2018-04-08)]"
draft: true
 - [tag 1 (e.g., analytics)]
 - [tag 2 (e.g., attribution)]
 - [tag 3+ optional]
  1. Write a draft of your post for review. Ideally the post should be complete (i.e. intro, body and conclusion fully wrtten) so that the reviewer can review a complete post. Follow the styleguide.
  2. Create a PR to master (remove draft: true) and request a review from one of the maintainers (Michael Kaminsky, Sam Swift, Scott Breitenother, Ilan Man). For good measure you may also want to post the PR on slack. If a post has at least one approval and no "rejections", that is enough to merge a PR and publish the content.

Getting started

brew install hugo # Install Hugo
git submodule init && git submodule update # Install theme as submodule

Creating a new post:

hugo new post/

A starter file will be created in ./content/post/. You can edit that file (make sure to pay attention to your front-matter).

You can see the site with your post by running

hugo server -DF

and navigating to http://localhost:1313/.