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:copyright: (c) 2011 Local Projects, all rights reserved
:license: Affero GNU GPL v3, see LICENSE for more details.
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from framework.controller import *
from framework.config import Config
from sqlalchemy import and_
class Calendar(Controller):
def GET(self, action=None, param0=None, param1=None, param2=None):
if (Config.get('features').get('is_calendar_enabled')):
if (action == 'show' or action == 'get'):
if (not param0 or not param1):
year, month = self.getCurrentYearMonth()
year, month = (param0, param1)
d = datetime(int(year), int(month), 1)
start = "%s-%s" % (year, month)
end = (d + timedelta(days = 32)).strftime('%Y-%m')
events = self.getEvents(start, end)
if (action == 'show'):
return self.showCalendar(events, start, end, d)
elif (action == 'get'):
return self.getCalendar(events)
return self.not_found()
return self.not_found()
def showCalendar(self, events, start, end, d):
self.template_data['calendar'] = {}
self.template_data['calendar']['events'] = events
self.template_data['calendar']['next_month'] = end
self.template_data['calendar']['prev_month'] = (d + timedelta(days = -1)).strftime('%Y-%m')
self.template_data['calendar']['is_active_month'] = self.isActiveMonth(d)
return self.render('calendar')
def getCalendar(self, year, month):
return self.json({'events': events})
def getEvents(self, start, end):
events = self.orm.query(models.Event).filter(and_(models.Event.start_datetime > start,
models.Event.start_datetime < end)).\
return events
def getCurrentYearMonth(self):
now =
year = now.year
month = now.strftime('%m')
return (year, month)
def isActiveMonth(self, d):
now =
return (d.year >= now.year and d.month >= now.month)
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