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:copyright: (c) 2011 Local Projects, all rights reserved
:license: Affero GNU GPL v3, see LEGAL/LICENSE for more details.
from __future__ import with_statement
import boto
import datetime
import fileinput
import os
import time
from fabric.api import *
from fabric.colors import *
from fabric.contrib.console import confirm
from deploy.fixtures import load_fixtures
# Timestample
env.timestamp = int(time.mktime(
# Local cwd
env.lcwd = os.path.dirname(__file__)
# Split security groups
env.ec2_secgroups = env.ec2_secgroups.split(",")
# Generate conventional server values
env.server_user_home_dir = "%(server_home_dir)s/%(user)s" % env
env.server_sites_dir = "%(server_user_home_dir)s/sites" % env
env.server_virtualenv_dir = "%(server_user_home_dir)s/.virtualenv" % env
# Generate conventional application values
env.app_virtualenv = "%(server_virtualenv_dir)s/%(app_id)s" % env
env.app_dir = "%(server_sites_dir)s/%(app_id)s" % env
env.app_var_dir = "%(app_dir)s/var" % env
env.app_run_dir = "%(app_var_dir)s/run" % env
env.app_log_dir = "%(app_var_dir)s/log" % env
env.app_shared_dir = "%(app_dir)s/shared" % env
env.app_releases_dir = "%(app_dir)s/releases" % env
env.app_current_release = "%(app_releases_dir)s/current" % env
env.app_previous_release = "%(app_releases_dir)s/previous" % env
env.app_config_dir = "%(app_dir)s/etc" % env
env.app_cache_dir = "%(app_shared_dir)s/%(app_cache_dir)s" % env
env.app_instance_dir = "%(app_current_release)s/instance" % env
# Split strings into lists
env.app_admin_emails = env.app_admin_emails.split(",")
env.app_cache_memcached_servers = env.app_cache_memcached_servers.split(",")
# tasks
def create_server(deploy=False):
Create an EC2 instance and install necessary packages and software
start_time = time.time()
env.host_string = create_instance()
print(green("Waiting 30 seconds for server to boot..."))
end_time = time.time()
print(green("Runtime: %f minutes" % ((end_time - start_time) / 60)))
print(green(_render("Instance created. Change the value of host_string your rcfile to %(host_string)s")))
if deploy:
print("All done! Edit the host_string value in your rcfile to match: %s" % env.host_string)
def clean():
Remove all temporary build files
print(green("Removing temporary build files"))
if os.path.isdir(_render('%(build_dir)s')):
_local('rm -R %(build_dir)s')
def test():
Run the test suite and bail out if it fails
print(green("Running application tests", True))
with settings(warn_only=True):
with cd(_render("%(lcwd)s")):
result = _local("nosetests --with-xunit")
if result.failed and not confirm("Tests failed. Continue anyway?"):
abort(red("Tests failed. Will not continue."))
def build():
Run the build process
print(green("Starting build process", True))
env.app_release = _local('cd %(lcwd)s; /usr/local/bin/git rev-parse %(app_scm_branch)s | cut -c 1-9', capture=True)
env.build_dir = _render("%(build_dir)s/%(app_release)s")
print(green(_render("Release hash: %s(app_release)s")))
_local('mkdir -p %(build_dir)s')
def bundle_code():
Create an archive from the target branch for the current host(s)
print(green(_render("Bundling code"), True))
print(green(_render("Repository: %(app_scm_url)s")))
print(green(_render("Branch: %(app_scm_branch)s")))
env.app_bundle_tar = _render('%(build_dir)s/%(app_release)s.tar')
_local('/usr/local/bin/git archive --format=tar %(app_scm_branch)s > %(app_bundle_tar)s')
def generate_configuration():
Generate configuration files from the environment
print(green(_render("Generating configuration"), True))
_local('mkdir -p %(build_dir)s/etc')
open(_render('%(build_dir)s/etc/'), 'w').write(_render(open(_render('%(lcwd)s/etc/'), 'r').read()))
open(_render('%(build_dir)s/etc/nginx.conf'), 'w').write(_render(open(_render('%(lcwd)s/etc/nginx.conf.tmpl'), 'r').read()))
open(_render('%(build_dir)s/etc/uwsgi.yaml'), 'w').write(_render(open(_render('%(lcwd)s/etc/uwsgi.yaml.tmpl'), 'r').read()))
def generate_local_config():
Generate a local configuration for running the application using the builtin webserver
print(green(_render("Generating local configuration"), True))
_local('if [ -e %(lcwd)s/instance/ ];then rm %(lcwd)s/instance/; fi;')
output = _render(open(_render('%(lcwd)s/etc/'), 'r').read())
open(_render('%(lcwd)s/instance/'), 'w').write(output)
print(green(_render('Successfully generated %(lcwd)s/instance/ >>>')))
print(yellow(open(_render('%(lcwd)s/instance/'), 'r').read()))
def upload_release():
Upload and extract the release into a release folder
print(green(_render("Uploading release"), True))
require('app_release', provided_by=[build])
require('app_bundle_tar', provided_by=[bundle_code])
env.app_release_dir = _render('%(app_releases_dir)s/%(app_release)s')
env.app_release_tar = _render('%(server_user_home_dir)s/%(app_release)s.tar.gz')
_sudo('if [ -d %(app_release_dir)s ];then rm -r %(app_release_dir)s; fi;')
_put({"file": "%(app_bundle_tar)s", "destination": "%(app_release_tar)s"})
_run('mkdir %(app_release_dir)s')
print(green(_render("Extracting release"), True))
_run('cd %(app_release_dir)s; tar -xvf %(app_release_tar)s')
_run('rm %(app_release_tar)s')
def upload_configuration():
Upload generated configuration files
print(green(_render("Uploading configuration files"), True))
etc_files = os.listdir(_render('%(build_dir)s/etc'))
for file in etc_files:
_put({"file":'%s/etc/%s' % (env.build_dir, file), "destination":'%s/%s' % (env.app_instance_dir, file)})
def update_virtualenv():
print(green(_render("Updating virtualenv requirments"), True))
_run("if [ ! -d %(app_virtualenv)s ];then export WORKON_HOME='%(server_virtualenv_dir)s' && source $(which && mkvirtualenv %(app_id)s; fi;")
with cd(_render("%(app_dir)s")):
_run("export WORKON_HOME='%(server_virtualenv_dir)s' && source $(which && workon %(app_id)s && pip install -r %(app_current_release)s/requirements.txt")
def link_release():
Update the current release symlinks
print(green(_render("Updating current and previous release symlinks"), True))
_run('if [ -e %(app_previous_release)s ];then rm %(app_previous_release)s; fi;')
_run('if [ -e %(app_current_release)s ];then mv %(app_current_release)s %(app_previous_release)s; fi;')
_run('ln -s %(app_release_dir)s %(app_current_release)s')
def check_dirs():
Create application specific directories
print(green(_render("Checking required directories are in place"), True))
def check_symlinks():
"""Check to make sure all symbolic links are in place
print(green(_render("Checking required symlinks are in place"), True))
env.server_nginx_conf = _render("%(server_nginx_config_dir)s/sites-enabled/%(app_id)s")
_sudo("if [ ! -e %(server_nginx_conf)s ];then ln -s %(app_instance_dir)s/nginx.conf %(server_nginx_conf)s; fi;")
env.server_uwsgi_conf = _render("%(server_uwsgi_config_dir)s/apps-enabled/%(app_id)s")
_sudo("if [ ! -e %(server_uwsgi_conf)s ];then ln -s %(app_instance_dir)s/uwsgi.yaml %(server_uwsgi_conf)s; fi;")
def deploy():
Deploy the application
print(green(_render("Deploying application to %(host_string)s"), True))
# test()
def create_instance():
Creates an EC2 Instance
print(yellow("Creating EC2 instance"))
conn = boto.connect_ec2(env.ec2_key, env.ec2_secret)
image = conn.get_all_images(env.ec2_amis.split(","))
reservation = image[0].run(1, 1, env.ec2_keypair, env.ec2_secgroups,
instance = reservation.instances[0]
conn.create_tags([], {"Name":env.server_tag})
while instance.state == u'pending':
print(yellow("Instance state: %s" % instance.state))
print(green("Instance state: %s" % instance.state))
print(green("Public dns: %s" % instance.public_dns_name))
return instance.public_dns_name
def uwsgi(command):
Run a uWSGI command through uwsg-manager
_sudo('uwsgi-manager %s %s' % (command, env.app_id))
def start_uwsgi():
Start the application's uWSGI process
def stop_uwsgi():
Stop the application's uWSGI process
def restart_uwsgi():
Restart the app's uWSGI process
def nginx(command):
_sudo('/etc/init.d/nginx %s' % command, shell=False, pty=False)
def restart_nginx():
Restart nginx
def start_nginx():
Start nginx
def stop_nginx():
Stop nginx
def _oven():
Cooks the recipe.
from deploy.cookbook import recipe
for ingredient in recipe:
try: print(yellow(ingredient['message']))
except KeyError: pass
globals()["_" + ingredient['action']](ingredient['params'])
def _local(params, capture=False):
Runs a local command
return local(_render(params), capture=capture)
def _apt(params):
Runs apt-get install commands
for pkg in params:
_sudo("apt-get install -qq %s" % pkg)
def _pip(params):
Runs pip install commands
for pkg in params:
_sudo("pip install %s" % pkg)
def _run(params):
Runs command with active user
def _sudo(params, shell=True, pty=True):
Run command as root
sudo(_render(params), shell=shell, pty=pty)
def _put(params):
Moves a file from local computer to server
put(_render(params['file']), _render(params['destination']))
def _render(template, context=env):
Does variable replacement
return template % context
def _write_to(string, path):
Writes a string to a file on the server
return "echo '" + string + "' > " + path
def _append_to(string, path):
Appends to a file on the server
return "echo '" + string + "' >> " + path
def _mkdir(dir):
Create a directory if it doesn't exist
run('if [ ! -d %s ]; then mkdir -p %s; fi;' % (dir, dir))
def db_seed():
import fixtures