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import mimetypes
from django import forms
from versionutils.merging.forms import MergeMixin
from versionutils.versioning.forms import CommentMixin
from pages.models import Page, PageFile, slugify
from pages.widgets import WikiEditor
from versionutils.diff.daisydiff.daisydiff import daisydiff_merge
class PageForm(MergeMixin, CommentMixin, forms.ModelForm):
conflict_error = (
"Warning: someone else saved this page before you. "
"Please resolve edit conflicts and save again."
class Meta:
model = Page
fields = ('content',)
widgets = {'content': WikiEditor()}
def merge(self, yours, theirs, ancestor):
# ancestor may be None
ancestor_content = ''
if ancestor:
ancestor_content = ancestor['content']
(merged_content, conflict) = daisydiff_merge(
yours['content'], theirs['content'], ancestor_content
if conflict: =['content'] = merged_content
raise forms.ValidationError(self.conflict_error)
yours['content'] = merged_content
return yours
def clean_name(self):
name = self.cleaned_data['name']
page = Page.objects.get(slug__exact=slugify(name))
if self.instance != page:
raise forms.ValidationError(
'A page with this name already exists'
except Page.DoesNotExist:
return name
class PageFileForm(CommentMixin, forms.ModelForm):
def clean(self):
self.cleaned_data = super(PageFileForm, self).clean()
filename = self.cleaned_data['file'].name
(mime_type, enc) = mimetypes.guess_type(filename)
if mime_type != self.instance.mime_type:
raise forms.ValidationError(
'The new file should be of the same type')
return self.cleaned_data
class Meta:
model = PageFile
fields = ('file',)
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