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Sample apps demonstrating the usage of the Localytics React Native SDK.

Included apps


Tests all of localytics-react-native APIs


Sample of a Localytics Inbox implementation


Sample of a Localytics Push implementation

Developer Setup

  1. brew install node
  2. brew install watchman
  3. brew install yarn
  4. npm install -g react-native-cli

Creating your own app

Using Facebook's docs (, setup a new React Native app:

  1. npm install -g create-react-native-app
  2. create-react-native-app SampleProjectName
  3. cd SampleProjectName
  4. npm start

You can use this app to get familiar with React Native. Once you're ready to write native code for each platform (iOS/Android) and integrate Localytics, you'll need to eject from Create React Native App:

  1. cd SampleProjectName
  2. npm run eject
  3. Select React Native: I'd like a regular React Native project.
  4. Name your app (should be same as directory name)

Next, follow the instructions to integrate Localytics.

Localytics Documentaion

Running Project


  1. cd SampleProjectName
  2. react-native run-ios

Note: If you see the ":CFBundleIdentifier", Does Not Exist error, you can just open and run the project directly from Xcode (path ios/LocalyicsReactTest.xcworkspace). See this issue for some possible fixes:


Define SDK location

Without defining the SDK location, you'll likely see this error: > SDK location not found. Define location with sdk.dir in the file or with an ANDROID_HOME environment variable.

Example of how to add file:

  1. cd SampleProjectName
  2. cd android
  3. touch

Add the following line: sdk.dir = /Users/YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/Library/Android/sdk


You may want to clean your android project after configuration and before running:

  1. cd SampleProjectName
  2. cd android
  3. ./gradlew clean

Ensure you have a physical device in debugging mode connected to your computer, or an Android emulator running.

  1. cd SampleProjectName
  2. react-native run-android

Note: Java 8 is required to build the project.

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