Command line interface for working with a Stager server
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Stager cli

This gem installs a command line interface for working with a Stager instance.


git clone
cd stager-cli
bundle install
rake install
cd pkg
sudo gem install stager-0.0.1.gem


#display list of available commands

#minimal config
stager configure endpoint= auth_strategy=Basic #or Github, depends on Stager instance config

Adding Auth Strategies

When adding authentication strategies to Stager it is often useful to add a corresponding auth strategy to the Stager cli gem. This allows you to set the auth_strategy using the stager configure command, and have all requests to Stager automatically amended to include the necessary authentication info.

Adding an auth_strategy is very simple, define a class which inherits from Stager::AuthStrategy in the auth_strategies folder, inside the Stager module namespace, and implement the sign_request_options method.

The class will have access to the current Command instance via the @cli instance variable, and the sign_request_options method will receive one argument, the options hash which is passed to the call made to a Stager route.

Here's an example auth_strategy that will add foo=bar to the posted params on any call to Stager made using the cli:

module Stager
  class Foobar << AuthStrategy
    def sign_request_options(options)
      options[:body][:foo] = bar

After saving the above in auth_strategies, and reinstalling the gem, the following is now possible:

stager configure auth_strategy=Foobar
stager launch name_of_image name_of_container #post params automatically include foo=bar

The gem uses Configliere for loading and saving settings from and to local config. The @cli instance variable exposes a save_settings method which persists the current state of the Settings hash to the local config file.

See the Github auth strategy for an example of persisting settings to local config and using them in subsequent calls.