A pretty sweet search bar for React Native.
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A pretty awesome search bar for React Native. It has a built in simple search capability which can be utilised by handing the component data and providing a handleResults function which will receive the filtered copy of the data array.

The search function uses a depth-first algorithm to traverse the data and simply looks for an indexOf the user input within all strings, numbers, and boolean values in the data.

Works on both iOS and Android.


(Rendered with the example in these docs and repository)


  • npm install react-native-searchbar --save
  • Install react-native-vector-icons if the project doesn't have them already. The search bar accesses MaterialIcons.
  • Now you can require the search bar with import SearchBar from 'react-native-searchbar' or var SearchBar = require('react-native-searchbar')

Available Props

Property Type Default Description
data array [] The array of data to be searched (if not using a custom search algorithm)
placeholder string Search The placeholder for the search bar.
handleChangeText(input) function null Fires when the input text changes.
handleSearch(input) function null Fires after handleChangeText, and can be used to implement a custom search. If not present, the internal search logic will be used.
handleResults(results) function null Fires after each internal search with the results array.
onHide(input) function null Fires when the search bar is hidden with the current user input.
onBack function Hides the search bar Fires when the back icon is pressed.
heightAdjust number 0 Adjust the height of the search bar.
backgroundColor string white The background colour of the search bar.
iconColor string gray The color of the back and X icons.
textColor string gray The color of the search bar text.
placeholderTextColor string lightgray The color of the placeholder text.
animate boolean true Animate the search bar when it is shown and hidden.
animationDuration number 200 The duration of the above animation in milliseconds.
showOnLoad boolean false Show the search bar when it is first rendered.
hideBack boolean false Hide the back button.
hideX boolean false Hide the X icon which clears the input.
iOSPadding boolean true Pad the size of the iOS status bar
clearOnShow boolean false Clear input when the search bar is shown
clearOnHide boolean true Clear input when the search bar is hidden
focusOnLayout boolean true Focus the text input box whenever it is shown


  • Use a ref to show and hide the search bar ref={(ref) => this.searchBar = ref}

    • this.searchBar.show()
    • this.searchBar.hide()
  • Write your own search logic with handleSearch or provide some data and use the results handed back from handleResults.

  • Use your powers for good!
Notes for Android
  • Render the search bar component after the component it is supposed to display over. iOS handles this nicely with a zIndex of 10. Android elevation is set to 2.
  • The bottom of the search bar will have a thin border instead of a shadow.


Full example at example/

import SearchBar from 'react-native-searchbar';

const items = [
    lots: 'of',
    different: {
      types: 0,
      data: false,
      that: {
        can: {
          be: {
            quite: {
              complex: {
                hidden: [ 'gold!' ],
  [ 4, 2, 'tree' ],

_handleResults(results) {
  this.setState({ results });

  ref={(ref) => this.searchBar = ref}