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This is a stand alone project for creating themes for Placeable Pages an application for creating store locators & local pages.

These pages are typically hosted on a subdomain like, and are styled to match the look and feel of the main site, The theme encapsulates the CSS, JS and HTML that styles the pages.

This app is stand alone in the sense that it has just one external dependancy. It does not require a database or any other services. This application simulates how Placeable Pages works. Instead of performing geographic searches, like Placeable Pages, this app just returns a canned set of results. The pages it serves are structured the same as Placeable Pages. (The HTML, CSS and JS are identical.) So you can create a theme without having to get the whole app working, load data and etc.

Getting Started

  • Download Play 1.2.7
    Install instructions for Play can be found here. Make sure you are installing Play 1.2.x, this app is not compatible with Play 2.x (Play 2.x was total rewrite without backward compatibility.)
  • Play requires Java 5 or later.
  • Clone this project
  • cd into the project directory, and enter play run
  • Play will be running on locahost:4000
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