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import Swinject
The Config object is used to bootstrap a VIPER App with assemblies and properties for the DI container
final public class Config {
/// list of components to load into the container
fileprivate let components: [ComponentType]
/// list of properties from frameworks (e.g. properties.json)
fileprivate let properties: [PropertyType]
Will create a configuration object that can be used to bootstrap a VIPER application
- parameter components: the list of property keys that point to AssemblyType classes
- parameter properties: a list of property files that will be loaded into the assembler for property resolution
public init(components: [ComponentType] = [], properties: [PropertyType] = []) {
self.components = components = properties
Will build the assembler from the configuration by loading properties and assemblies from the properties
into the assembler.
- parameter: flavor the flavor to bootstrap the container with
- throws: Swinject.PropertyLoaderError
- returns: the built assembler
public func buildAssembler(_ flavor: Flavor? = nil) throws -> Assembler {
// load the properties first
let assembler = Assembler()
for property in properties.filter({ $0.flavor == nil || $0.flavor == flavor }) {
try assembler.applyPropertyLoader(property.propertyLoader)
logDebug("Loaded properties=\(property), for flavor=\(flavor)")
// load assemblies from components
let assemblies = { $0.assemblyForFlavor(flavor) }
assembler.apply(assemblies: assemblies)
logDebug("Applied assemblies=\(assemblies), for flavor=\(flavor)")
return assembler