Moccasin provides VIPER Xcode templates to bootstrap modules and components of for use with Swinject, Cobra and Gorgon
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Moccasin leverages Xcode templates to scaffold VIPER-based modules, to be used with Swinject, Cobra and Gorgon.

VIPER is an architecture that divides an applications logic into distinct layers of responsibility which makes it easier to isolate dependencies and test interactions. Moccasin templates provide the skeleton implementation of VIPER that leverages dependency injection via Swinject, application feature routing and configuration via Cobra, and application event delegation via Gorgon.


  • Wire up VIPER modules via dependency injection in 1 click
  • Provides uniform base implementations for all components and services
  • Shared base coding styles and naming conventions

See Boa, a sample app written in Swift, for details.


  • iOS8+
  • Xcode 8+


Simply run install-templates shell script.


Moccasin leverages Xcode templates to scaffold VIPER modules, consisting of the following types: View, Interactor, Presenter, Router, Styler, Assembler, Feature and Storyboard. To see how these are used, see Boa sample application.


  • Provide contribution guidelines