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GeoGig - Geospatial Distributed Version Control System

Welcome to the GeoGig project, exploring the use of distributed management of spatial data. GeoGig draws inspiration from Git, but adapts its core concepts to handle versioning of geospatial data. Users are able to import raw geospatial data (currently from Shapefiles, PostGIS or SpatiaLite) in to a repository where every change to the data is tracked. These changes can be viewed in a history, reverted to older versions, branched in to sandboxed areas, merged back in, and pushed to remote repositories. GeoGig is written in Java, available under the BSD License.


Project Lead: Gabriel Roldan


Version 1.2.0 has been released and it is available for download.

The build is actively monitored at LocationTech Build Server.


GeoGig is proudly open source:


The latest release Version 1.2.0 is available on GitHub.

The previous release Version 1.1.0 is also available on GitHub.


Unzip to an applications directory, and then add the unzipped geogig/bin/ folder to your PATH.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of GeoGig, please see the relevant Upgrade Guides.


See the QuickStart guide for an introduction to GeoGig. Additional information available at the full Manual.


If you want to get involved in the development of GeoGig, build GeoGig yourself or know more about the technical details behind GeoGig, check the developers section.

See CONTRIBUTING for details on making GitHub pull request.


Join the chat at

Everyone is invited to participate in GeoGig and help in its development. Check the How to help section to read about how you can help us improve GeoGig.