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LocationTech supported:

Command line app from LocationTech: geogig-1.1.1.zip

Plugins provided by Boundless:

OpenStreetmap data 1.1.1 plugin
GeoServer 2.9.x plugin
GeoServer 2.10.x plugin
GeoServer 2.11.x plugin

GeoGig 1.1.1 Release Notes

July 10, 2017.

This release sits on top of 1.1.0, adding even more performance and robustness improvements.


We’ve, again, improved communication between Geoserver/GeoGig and PostgreSQL - and that means it’s
FAST and requires 25% less network bandwidth. This means lower infrastructure requirements
and quicker responses.

NOTE: this requires an updated PostgreSQL driver; check the installation instructions.

Also, for this release we've started a performance assessment and improvement plan for geogig to geogig remoting (that is, cloning and synchronizing),
and introduced the first round of improvements for cloning from an HTTP remote to a local repository, with time savings of up to an order of magnitude!

There are still some rough edges specially when synchronizing a large number of commits that we'll be working on for the 1.2 series.


GeoGig 1.1.1 has a simplified and improved cache, offering;

  • Very simple configuration - simply set the size of the cache with one number.
  • Sharing - one cache is now shared among all your repos, allowing more heavily used repos more efficient access to the cache.
  • Statistics - the cache’s effectiveness can now be explored, allowing administrators better information to make configuration decisions.
  • Independence - the cache can be configured on a per-instance basis, allowing each instance to be individually tuned.

Please see the Shared cache documentation and how to
configure it on the GeoServer GUI.


The GeoGig team have extensively tested the GeoGig GeoServer plugin in a clustered environment and we're more than glad with the results.
Please see the upgrade guide.

Bug Fixes

We performed more testing this release and found (and fixed) several minor problems. We also addressed a few issues reported on the mailing list.

  • Fix Rocksdb backend's durability issues. A rocksdb backed repository was corrupted if edited through the WEB-API once the server was shut down.
  • Avoid stack trace when trying to unalias a CLI command that doesn't exist.
  • Avoid failure to return the pg config db if the repository does not exist.
  • Fix error when cloning on Windows
  • Fix an issue which prevents cloning into postgres from http.
  • Fix empty string bug in custom geotools converter factories.It had the side effect of breaking the geoserver config UI
    for ImageMosaic layers as it uses the Converters framework to parse the "Bands" argument to an int[] that comes as an empty string.
  • Upgrade downloadable postgres DDL script to include index tables
  • Make sure PG connection pools are unique for a set of connection parameters add better formatting for documentation